1. If you have just signed up or logged in to Super-G and you haven't added a device: 
    1. Once you sign up or log in, you should be able to see this window:

    2. Click “Scan QR Code” – scan your device's QR code at:
      1. On the bottom of the device package;
      2. In the device's internal menu item IMEI.
  2. Click IMEI number – enter for the device:
    1. It contains 15 digits.

  3. If you are signed up and have added one device and now want to add another device:
    1. Log into the Super-G application;
    2. Access your account settings:

    3. Select “Watches List”:

    4. Click “+”:

    5. Add a device by scanning a QR code or manually entering an IMEI code.